What is TDS?

TDS is an internet-based Turkish Language Exam. TDS is the simplest form of Turkish language exam.

What can you do with TDS?

• You can find out your Turkish level by taking the Placement Exam before commencing your Turkish course.

• You can certify your knowledge of Turkish by taking the Turkish Certificate Exam at the end of the Turkish course.

• If you are confident about your level of Turkish, you can receive your certificate by directly taking the exam and without enrolling in the course.

• You can take the level tests.

• You can take pilot test before taking the certificate exam.








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TDS is a Computer Based Turkish Language Exam System with highly reliable conditions that can be taken inside or outside of the Turkey. Students who have TDS Certificate can register in all universities in Turkey without the need for Turkish Proficiency Certificates.

Academic Institutions that are interested and meet the requirements to be an examination center for TDS (Turkish Language Exam) can contact us via the following contact information

questions on TDS, 11 years in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language in its own structure and a university jointly training service providers in Turkey, one of the pioneers of online foreign language teaching Turkish as "HG Education" is being prepared by the team of experts in the in Turkish areas.

A long R&D study has been carried out in order to keep the quality standard of the questions always at the top. As a result of the process, question preparation guides were prepared for the examiner and evaluator. In the guide, it was tried to create a certain standard by combining the acquisitions in accordance with the European Common Application Text standards and the grammar acquisitions created by Turkish teaching centers. Thanks to these guides, every examiner and evaluator in our team can prepare different questions of the same top quality. The exams prepared by the expert team are submitted to the peer review of the academicians in the field of Turkish education and assessment and evaluation. Questions that are found appropriate as a result of the referee evaluation are included in the examination system after passing the editor's approval.

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